Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quick Hits! May 17, 2012

And now, a few things that went up on my Google+ feed that you might have missed because you don't trust the privacy policy:

  • REDD: The Most Bad Ass Indie SciFi Adventure Movie, EVER! (a Kickstarter pitch in search of some sugar daddies, 16 days to go at this posting):  Okay, I admit it. I watched the trailer first, and after I picked my jaw up off the ground, I asked myself, "Is this anything?" Then I hit play on his pitch and the answer was self-evident: "Yes, it is." I'd also love to see what this guy could do with a budget larger than what a used car costs.
  • "Grand Old Party" is a data visualization project. It is also a series of butt plugs." If you're foolish enough to click on that link, Matthew Epler has made latex representations of polling results over the active campaign period, and yes, they can apparently go right up your butt, which is where early polling results belong. Just like in real life, the Bachman is much ado about nothing, while the Santorum looks almost impossible to dislodge.
  • Perfect lead-in for a True Pixar Story (via Mike Elgan), a jolly tale about the day Toy Story 2 was almost completely wiped because of bad backups and one poorly-executed Linux command.

  • A reminder of things you miss when you go to bed at a decent hour: Craig Ferguson telling Mila Kunis to not skip through the Glasgow Necropolis.
  • And the final one is more of a CONSUMER REPORT: Have any of you seen the mysterious ad about "this man" who predicted the end of GM and Fannie Mae and how he's going to tell you how to make money while the world markets collapse? Turns out he didn't predict a $1.5 million fraud fine from the SEC for peddling a $50 newsletter "replete with lies", if this writeup from Antemedius is to believed. So he's a crank, but fortunately he's a well-known crank, and this summary from last year of his too-long-didn't-watch video lays out the snake oil he's peddling.  It's just as true with Amway as it is with anything else: if your rep is so broken that you have to hide what you're selling (and your own name, for that matter), you're in trouble before you open your big mouth.

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