Sunday, March 06, 2011

Live From Sherman Oaks: Winning. DUH!

A LATE NIGHT EXTRA: I've been following with slack-jawed wonder the disintegration of Charlie Sheen, once and (probably) future star of Two and a Half Men (or as I call it, "Holy Crap, Where'd I Put The Remote?"), so it was with great anticipation and trepidation that I stuck my nose into what he's threatening to turn into a nightly webcast, Sheen's Korner. (Oh, I could embed the whole thing for you, but I want you to come back.)

What sums it up for me--both the webcast and and the way Sheen is perceived by most people these days--was a "segment" he called Magic Tray, when he reached behind his desk and pulled out a typing paper tray full About once a minute throughout the show, Sheen and his team of hangers-on shouted "Winning. DUH!" like they were going to have the t-shirts in the stores tomorrow. So what does winning (DUH!) look like? Gaze deeply into the Magic Tray, children...

Now and Laters! Jawbreakers! Marlboros! Twizzlers! (Or Red Vines, if you're gonna be a jerk about it.) Not pictured: hookers and blow, of course. The blow would fit in the tray easily. The hookers would not. And if they did, you would not want any of the Twizzlers they were sitting on.

That bottle to the right of the mike? That's Tiger's Blood. No really, that's what he called it. G'nite everybody! Trolls beware...

(Edit on 3/7/11: Lucky that I didn't embed Charlie's first webcast, since he pulled it down sometime after webcast #2 went up. Thanks to my screengrab foresight, this may be the only place where you can see the awesomeness of the Magic Tray. And that's what you call winning. Duh.)

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