Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Hoplessly Inadequate Post About Egypt

I can't pretend to know diddly about squat about the Egyptian situation, except that I'm all for a people's right for self-governance and self-determination and loathe any strike against human rights, which means when given the choice, I'm with the people. It's also annoying to the extreme that my country's media has an almost provincial habit of not paying attention to the world unless something's on fire or being shot. With that in mind, here's a blog post from someone who really does know their stuff: "A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt."

Also, if you're not following already, be sure to follow @Jan25voices and Al Jazeera English for the latest updates. Somehow, a guy who never leaves his desk in Washington, DC is woefully inadequate when it comes to figuring out Cairo.

One thing I can say without sounding like a real tool: this was a hell of a time for Lieberman to put the "kill switch" bill back on the table. Way to go, Joe!

Update @ 1:43am Wednesday: Remember that Voice to Tweet thing Google set up? Alive In Egypt is a site dedicated to transcribing and translating them. Here's to hoping they don't need to stay in business for long.

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