Friday, February 04, 2011

The Guy Has A Name Now

The formerly anonymous blogger ("formerly" because obviously "they" know who he is now, and so do we) who since 2004 has posted the Rantings of a Sandmonkey blog will be on the non-international version of CNN during their 8pm EST show. Now that his blog has finally been restored to the land of the living and apparently more celebrated than ever, now's a good time to get acquainted with his work. "What do we actually want from the west?", an entry from 2005, caught my eye, since it gives the impression that a lot of Egyptians and Mubarak had a real Ike and Tina Turner-style relationship...and in spite of the events of the past week, some of them are still feeling the urge to let the old bastard in just one more time. An excerpt:
The people that are angry at the US and the EU for exerting pressure on Egypt to reform confuse me because they are protesting against a generally good thing that is in their benefit. They remind me of the battered wives that go bail out the husbands that are in jail for beating them: They know that they are giving their abusers sanction to keep beating them, which they don’t like, but they don’t want them in Jail for it either. Like the Wife on Cops that yells at the officer “That’s none of your business! Let my Husband Go!” for arresting her Husband for giving her a black eye. Their rational: “Such reforms should come from inside and shouldn’t be forced on us. What, are we helpless children or something, that we need the USA to demand Democracy in our name?”

To them I say : Yes!

I am sorry, but you are defending the person who abused you and oppressed you for the past 24 years. The person who, if it wasn’t for the US pressure and its presence in the region (which you so oppose), wouldn't have tolerated a single word of dissent from any of you and would’ve thrown every Kifaya/democracy activist in jail till Kingdom Come. You are basically angry at the US for doing what you couldn't do, for exposing you for the helpless choiceless victims that you were for the past 20 years. I am not saying that the democracy activists that are protesting now were silent before, I am saying that they couldn't be heard, weren’t allowed to organize and could never have criticized the President publicly before. The US pressure that you decry as foreign intervention every 5 seconds is the reason why you and those people now have voices, whether you like it or not.
Now that we can actually see the full blog, one other source of admiration: any activist whose puts a picture of Johnny Bravo in his masthead has platinum-plated balls.

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