Monday, January 10, 2011

You're Not HELPING

So this disintegrated in a hurry...

The post-2001 narrative plays out the same way without fail every time: elements of the so-called leftist media (both real and alleged) wasted no time in tracking down a number of nasty rhetorical flourishes that could've inspired the actions--never mind that there's no evidence about whether the accused gunman actually saw the "rifle-scope" maps the Palin website or had paid attention to

Meanwhile, the conservative-leaning opinionistas have wasted no time in making this about themselves because, hey, you're talking about my buddy Sarah Palin there! So after a few moments of flickering compassion, we're now back to the usual intolerable you-said-I-said horseshit about who's to blame, who sets the tone of hate and misery in this country, and who gets to be the martyr here. None of you jerks are helping because with breathtaking speed, you're ignoring that people actually died this weekend, and the House Representative who was the primary target (assuming she survives, which isn't guaranteed) is likely going to have to endure a long, painful physical (and maybe even mental) rehabilitation because of the bullet that went through her head, all because a mentally imbalanced man disagreed with her. But the hell with the human consequences of violence, it's finger-pointin' time! Finger pointin' time is a wonderful way to diminish an unthinkable act of cold-blooded brutality without having to actually process what the hell just happened!

Do we have to have a martyr? We don't need people positioning themselves as victims of principle in situations where there are real casualties. You really want to pick out martyrs? It's not Palin or Beck (poor things for having to change their websites because people called them names). It's not any of you self-important, pompous armchair pundit jerks. It's Christina-Taylor Green. She was nine years old--born September 11, 2001, as you all know by now, and even at nine, she understood what it meant to be a 9-11 baby. She was proud of her country, wanted to get her head around the process of governance, and her mother said that even as young as she was, she wanted to get all the parties together for a better country. All that ended Saturday. The only thing she did wrong was show up to meet a US House Representative. Congratulations, baby pundits, you've just trampled on her grave.

If I was writing the "what does it mean, Frank" articles, I'd start with Christina and stop just short of the "j'accuse" nonsense, but maybe that's why I don't get paid the news-channel-and-book-deal money for my opinions. Go figure.

I am really at the end of my rope with American politics and the people who sift through it, but that's okay. We're not mortal enemies locked in bloody combat. We just disagree. That's something more than a few people in my country seem to forget, but no matter how bent I get at times, it's the point of view I try to come back to. There's always a chair for you, but maybe we could talk about our dogs next time for a change, and how lucky we are to be alive so that we can do that.

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