Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's A No-Repeat Olbermann Weekend!

Bill Carter, writing for the New York Times Media Decoder blog, checked in with a few new scraps about the Olbermann departure. The thumbnail version: It was a bit more of a mutual departure than it seemed on first blush, and all the parties involved spent several weeks hammering it out, which is why Olbermann didn't appear at the promotional presentation for advertisers on Thursday. His exit agreement--shades of Conan O'Brien--includes limitations on when he can go back on television and forbids any public comments about the agreement itself. The latter condition might not have been the cleverest idea in the world, since in the absence of any real information from NBC Universal other than a "future endeavors" statement, the free-speech conspiracists have taken up the vacuum.

The limitations, as with my imaginary Irish friend Conan, all pertain to television, with nothing restricting radio, public appearances, or Internet beyond the aforementioned blanket restrictions on the exit deal. The prevailing Interweb meme right now is that Keith should set up his own Huffington Post-style website and become the Bizarro Roger Ailes of the Internet. Please insert your own Charles Foster Kane jokes in the comment field below.

I wouldn't be doing my bit for the greater good if I didn't mention Tim Goodman's list of "10 Things Olbermann Should Consider Next" for the Hollywood Reporter, and honestly, if #1 would guarantee an eventual on-air bare-knuckle brawl with Glenn Beck, I'd actually have to watch Fox News more often. Goodman wouldn't have thrown around "Letter to America" (under "Go To England") if he had remembered Alistair Cooke ran with that title for nearly 60 years.

Of course, one of my shrill, annoying Internet pals seems to think KO should re-team with Dan Patrick and ride the Versus gravy train to Hell with a "uber-sports show." I'm just introducing that to the conversation so Net Pal will stop his whining about it, but if it does happen, he'll be insufferable.

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