Friday, December 24, 2010

The Scrounger’s Cheapjack Christmas Special! #41: Liberace Part 2

Duck and cover, here comes another helping of the Velveeta of fine music…

The Christmas Episode: “Christmas Show”. Syndicated c. 1953-1955.

Everything that I said before Thanksgiving applies to the Christmas show: song, talk , song, talk, song, closing credits.  Simplest musical format in the world, so it’s all that, but with Christmas! There’s canned applause when Lee does a keyboard roll and conjures up fake snow. There’s a couple  of canned audible gasps when another trill cues the camera on the Christmas tree. It’s like those little keyboard doodles are magic! Liberace is a witch! Shall we burn him?


I feel a little gypped that we don’t see the top of the tree.  It could be a trunk for all we know. Maybe they got a bargain by letting the guy at the lot sell the top to Charlie Brown and Linus.

Lee does read a Christmas poem, and he plays a number done up in white on a rotating pedestal, which must’ve blown the production budget for the rest of the year.


And here’s something you probably didn’t expect to see.


No no, not that.  We’re still not going there just now. It’s the whole Liberace family singing a chorus of “Jingle Bells”.


Again, if this is the type of thing you like, you’ll definitely like this particular thing.

But Don’t Take My Word For It: Here we go again...


Whoo, just whipped right through that one, didn’t we?

Next: Long John Silver! Yay, pirates!

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