Monday, December 20, 2010

Kevin Smith Tells How He "Did It"...In Tweet-sized Chunks

Film director Kevin Smith has always been uniquely in touch with his fan base in just about every online format imaginable, so of course he's all over the Twitter now. Earlier tonight when somebody asked him "I lost my job, and have a chance to "start over"... What the hell should I do?", Silent Bob decided to drop a massive load of knowledge on him...140 characters at a time.

Rather than let this big puddle of wisdom go down the tweethole, I took the liberty of making a string of screengrabs and planted them in a Picasa album for your edification. As always with a Twitter-thon, read from bottom to top. This ain't Memento, Jack.

(edit @ 3:42AM: Or you can read it recombined into boring old blog form. Either way, don't cock-block your divinity.)

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