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The Scrounger’s Cheapjack Christmas Special! #15: The Beverly Hillbillies pt. 3

The Other Christmas Episode: “Home For The Holidays”. Original Broadcast: December 19, 1962.

For the back-end of out our selection of The Beverly Hillbillies, we double back with a pair of season 1 episodes. The “going home for the holidays” episode was something they did a lot over the years, although later on they played fast and loose with the concept of “home” by only sending them as far as one of the other Paul Henning folksy sitcoms, Petticoat Junction. Apparently Green Acres would’ve been a step too far.

But no, this time “going home” means heading for the good ol' cabin in the backwoods as a surprise to Jethro’s mother Pearl, the original kinfolk who said “Jed, move away from there.” It’s a surprise to Drysdale, too, because all he heard at the office was that the Clampetts were loading everything they arrived with on the back of their truck…

And it's the first half of season one, so that's something the Clampetts threatened to do a lot.

For once, we have a misunderstanding that is straightened out almost instantly, and Drysdale offers to arrange for a jet instead, getting them there in a few hours instead of the six day truck ride they were planning. But oh, them hillbillies, they seem to think a jet is some kind of bus! Well, it is now, but welcome to the sitcom 60s…

The entire first class section has been reserved for the Clampetts, and because they’ve been down the “Clampetts don't get these here modern doodads” road a few times before (even this early on), Miss Hathaway makes sure the family actually gets on the plane.

"Take good care of them, and remember, the tall, young, good-looking one is mine."

Meanwhile, just to complicate things, Pearl has decided to take Jethrine to Beverly Hills as a surprise, but she’s sidetracked when she hears that John Brewster, the tycoon who purchased the oil rights to the Clampett land and helped set the whole series in motion, is back at Jed’s old cabin. (And speaking of “welcome to the sitcom ‘60s,” the oil guy not only is the good guy, but may be the only one who isn’t a bit on the loony side. It’s like this show is from another universe, I tells ya...)

Since Brewster is unattached, Pearl has a bit of courtin’ on her mind.

And yes, it’s Bea Benaderet again.

Once it dawns on Brewster what Pearl’s got on her mind, things go south in a hurry…and since he was in town to get the cabin together for Jed’s surprise, he’s a bit alarmed when he hears about her plans.

That particular look of alarm above is because Drysdale tells him to keep Pearl in one place “by any means necessary.” And unfortunately, the widow has made it perfectly clear what means will be necessary.

Spoiler: Everything comes together in the end, and the whole family gathers around for a good ol’ country Christmas…which will be continued in the next episode.

There’s a reason Jethrine has her back to the camera in that shot, by the way…

Something tells me that egg didn't split far enough.

Shades of Patty Duke playing identical cousins, the part of Jethro’s sister Jethrine was played by Max Baer Jr. in a wig and dress. With a dubbed lady voice, because c’mon, let’s not get too ridiculous. Welcome to the…oh, never mind.

Our Holiday Lesson For Today: If you’re a single man of means and the lonely widow down the lane shows up for “a snack and a little bit of tidyin’”, and this is what she comes up with…

…there’s a good chance she’s not applying for a housekeeping job.

But Don’t Take My Word For It: Nostalgia Merchant, a company that's been in the business of providing desirable oldie goldies for as long as there’s been a home video market, has the whole thing in one convenient chunk via (once again) Veoh. And once again, I can’t figure out how to do Veoh embedding, so you have to click that link to make the whole thing go.

Next: The day after Christmas in the hills! Boxing Day? Maybe Wrestling Day...

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