Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tales of Canine Awesomeness: Dog in the Baltic

My position statement for this new decade is modest, but true...and also the same as the other decades of my life: Dogs are awesome. And to get things underway, here's the story of an awesome dog.

A Polish blogger claims this dog originated in the city of Torun, and he was swimming in the Vistula River, jumping on the big chunks of ice and swimming back to shore. But one time, he lingered too long and the river swept him away. (I can't confirm this part of the story, but it's too good to keep to myself.)

Well, it's not like people could ignore a dog in a river, but there were complications. In the cities of Grudziac and Kwidzin, firemen tried to make a grab for him, but to no avail, and the ice cover was so treacherous that sending out a rescue boat was impossible. So there he stayed on that piece of ice...for three days. He floated at least 75 miles during a cold snap where the temperatures dipped as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 C).

Hundo sur glacipecego

It was 15 miles off the coast, in the middle of Gdansk Bay in the Baltic Sea, that the research ship Baltica spotted him. At first, they thought he was a seal. Once they figured out what they were looking at, they lowered the dinghy.

Yep, safe and sound. At least for the moment, his name is "Baltic", and now the real trick is to find out whose dog he is. Complicating that effort is the fact that Baltic's a bona-fide international celebrity now, and the members of the crew are reportedly at the end of their patience with would-be owners. Until somebody can definitively prove otherwise, he's an honorary sailor, buddy.

And of course, he's a good dog.

La heroo de la tuta Pollando - Misiek

Who's a good dog? That's right, you're a good dog. We've got a nice soup bone for you, boy...

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