Tuesday, January 05, 2010

More from Iran (or more about why there's NOT more from Iran)

This update isn't as frightening as the last one, but it does say something about the general situation. The Iranian blogger I've been following woke up this morning to find that the website he's been using to contact the outside world has finally hit the Iranian firewall. Fortunately, the Internet is good at routing around "damaged" parts of the network, so he was able to post that news later in the day.

While I can't pretend to have more than the barest knowledge of how things happen in the region (after all, I'm an American), his rundown of how these bans usually work demonstrates the level of mistrust the government has in the people: if any outside website gets very popular on the Iranian Internet, it's automatically locked out while the censors read the site to see if it's a "big problem." If it passes the check, they let the ban drop without any official declaration; otherwise, you end up with a total lockout (see also: BBC.co.uk...but not on an Iranian ISP).

The website he's using is apparently going through the first phase of the process...and again, that's why I'm not naming any names. I refuse to make the crackdown process any easier, even if my daily audience can be counted on one hand.

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