Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Sometime today, Barack Obama is scheduled to make a television address to the students of the nation on one of the traditional first days of school. A huge controversy has been stirred up about what the president was going to say to the kids, and as a result, some districts decided not to run his speech, while some parents decided just to keep their kids out of school today so Obama couldn't get to them. The one reason I keep hearing is that the parents are afraid he's going to push some political agenda on a group of citizens who are at a most impressionable and malleable place in their lives (The forum rats at Democratic Underground? Oh, the kids, sorry...).

So what's the evil message of indoctrination that even now is being piped into our classrooms, insinuating into our children's (well, your children's) minds like worms eating their brains? (WARNING: Please read the next line with your eyes covered. You don't want to get infected.)


In what has been a depressing trend this summer, this current round of paranoia was based on nothing, since none of the pundits making the noise--and definitely none of the parents complaining to the school boards--had seen even a semicolon from the speech before throwing a tantrum about it. Really, when has a message from the prez to the kids not been "stay in school"? Or some other homily about civic pride or exercise?

To those who fell for yet another phony outrage from the professional provocateurs: Congratulations, you made your kids cut classes so Obama couldn't tell them not to cut classes. That's a great lesson to carry forward into life. Of course, there's always the chance they'd drop out just to spite Osama Obama, but sometimes they're gonna do what they're gonna do.

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