Thursday, May 21, 2009

If you cannot control your desktop, you cannot command others...

Y'know folks, when I get into one of these no-talky, no-posty funks, it often takes something very special or very horrifying to drag me out of that hole. This is both of those things. Ladies and gentlemen, Sophos has released an anti-virus tool in Klingon.

A brief musical interlude follows while the implications of that announcement (and the follow-up post which offhandedly mentions (shudder) the upcoming Klingon Kama Sutra...and you thought they weren't flexible) sink in. Sing along if you know the words and aren't afraid to say them out loud...just follow the bouncing bat'leth!

Klingon Anti-Virus: Because to those who are overly cautious, every download is impossible.

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