Friday, August 29, 2008

Mommy's Little Hypocrites

First of all: Sarah Palin? SARAH PALIN???

Secondly, the HillaryIs44ers (who, just as a reminder, represent the Clinton supporter mainstream the way a rabid raccoon would make a great pet for the kids) went above and beyond Hardcase territory into the rarified realm of the crazy street preachers by deciding that the choice of Palin spells complete and utter doom for the Obama campaign. When a group of people that has spent the past several months harping on Obama's lack of experience decides that Sarah Palin, who has even less experience than Obama, who told CNBC a month ago that she didn't even know what a veep does, whose foreign policy bona fides can be summed up in one sentence (and that sentence is "No issue stance yet recorded by")...sorry, you're just the worst kind of hypocrites, and I'm done with you. You make the Freepers look like the McLaughlin Group.

And if you don't recognize the irony of playing the sexism defense for months on end and then declaring the campaign's over soley because a candidate is running with a woman, and if in fact you don't realize that exposes gender as your one and only issue no matter how hard you deny it, I'd like to recommend you wear a tracking device so we know where you are at all times. Preferably one that glows in the dark.

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