Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Miley Cyrus Thing: Paging Chris Hansen...

Okay, let me get this straight: some meathead has posted a couple of racy photos of Miley Cyrus online, with a promise that racier pix are available to the highest bidder.

Now, for the ethically challenged, let me translate this into a form that will help you realize how bad this could be (and not for Miley Cyrus): some meathead hacked into a cellphone and stole a series of nasty pix of a 15 year-old girl (that is to say, dangerously underage...doubly dangerous if those other pictures are extremely racy, with some form of nudity) and he'll sell 'em to you if the price is right.

It doesn't matter that she's probably the most famous 15 year-old girl in the country at the moment...the law'll hang you up just as easily for selling dirty pictures of a 15 year-old nobody as it will for a 15 year-old superstar. I don't think our l33T h@x0r has thought this plan all the way through. This escapade has "future Dateline NBC sting operation" written all over it. Unless, as one of the counter-rumors goes, they were faked, which just makes him a perv, not a law-breaking perv.

And no, neither of those links go to the pictures in question. This is a frickin' intervention, not a roadmap. Anyway, by the time a man like myself reaches his 30s, silently lusting after high school girls becomes behavior suitable for therapy...and he has to move onto silently lusting after college girls. It's still somewhat pathetic, but not necessarily prosecutable unless you do something stupid like buy them beer.

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