Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Art Of The Deal (or No Deal)

We were talking a few days ago--well, not here, but somewhere--about Bush's itinerary last week. See if you can follow our train of logic here.

Last week, Bush kicked off a busman's tour of the Middle East by celebrating the anniversary of Israel with a speech to the Knesset that pissed off the Muslim world...again. Our media was busy concentrating on the part that pissed off Obama, so Americans can be forgiven for tuning out boilerplate "Israel and America are like tight like that" talk, and that he barely mentioned the Palestinians at all. But wait, there's more...

After that--after that, mind you--Bush went hat in hand to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia--a charter member of the Arab League, which (to unavoidably oversimpify things) wants a square deal for Palestinians...oh, and they're still Muslim enough that they make you leave your Bibles at the airport, but that's the way they run their house, and that's what you have to work with. Bush's goal was to try and "jawbone" oil prices down for the second time this year, and surprise, surprise, the King just didn't see it his way.

When you have as much free time as I do, you can twist anything into a straight line, but really, are we connecting dots that aren't there? Has all this "WHAT DID CHAMBERLAIN DO?" talk finally snapped our fragile little minds into five easy pieces? I leave that as an exercise to the reader.

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