Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Voice of Murtha: The Voice of Gladness?

(Yeah, nobody will get that title...did you have a better one?)

Our own Skaboomizzy--you know, the guy that never posts here, even though he can--has posted to the DailyKos his own personal analysis of what the Jack Murtha endorsement means for the Clinton campaign (tl;dr version: not a lot, really).

Equally enlightening are the tiny handful of comment field counterattacks which take him to task on smears he didn't write; the one implying he's another Karl Rove is wonderfully delusional. It's a damn shame that, given the signal-to-noise ratio of the modern political process, people who want to actually think the Important Things through get squelched by kneejerk reactionaries, who are much sexier to the supporters of the 24-hour news cycle. I can't say this often enough: one of the major enemies of reason is the group of people who tell you what it all means before they have a handle on what "it" actually is.

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