Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Inevitable Southern California Fire Post

For those of you looking for an online source of news about the southern California fires, this would appear to be it. I'm on the wrong side of the country to be any good to you, and as always, most of what I could give you consists of dark jokes that'll hit you in the wrong place. (This post was originally titled "Moving To Nevada Doesn't Sound So Bad Now, Does It?", to give you an idea.)

Our friend Doom was in one of the affected areas and watched the gridlocked evacuation traffic from his apartment. The "highlight" of the waiting game, as he told it Sunday night, was watching a Hummer make a gain of five car lengths in the space of an hour just to get out of his building's parking lot. His family (and the cats) got out in one piece and got their asses upstate, so at least there's that.

(Edit@12:53amET: the first paragraph link used to link directly to the site, but apparently the site's hosting company had bandwidth concerns. In situations like this, the Coral cache is your friend.)

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