Saturday, June 30, 2007

Coyne of Flaming Lips "Refreshingly Off-Message" About Darfur Relief Album

In a recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips takes an interesting stance on the latest benefit album for Africa, one of which he finds himself a part:

“How does a society get so out of control that this can happen on such a big scale?” says Coyne. “It’s egotistical for us to think, ‘Here’s these people, let’s go in and save them’ as though we’re like Superman. But you can’t be aware of suffering and simply not care. But if we’re going to talk about true solutions--who can know?” Not John Lennon, apparently. “It seems silly that someone like Lennon could say, ‘What if we all just stayed in bed, wouldn’t the war stop?’ You think, ‘Well John, what if the enemy are not Beatles fans? They’ll come in and shoot you.’”

Since Coyne's doing the honesty thing, I have to add that I've never knowingly heard a Flaming Lips performance, but he got my attention just now, so that's likely to change before too long. After such media events of recent years as Madonna using a young Ethiopian woman basically as a prop during her Live 8 soapbox moment, Coyle's comments are remarkably free of cattle byproducts, and although he's a bit down on the John Lennon peacenik catalog, he does act locally while thinking globally. By your works, not by your words, be ye could look it up.

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