Thursday, April 12, 2007

Todd Goldman Is Very, Very Sorry

Update to yesterday's item on Todd "Goliath" Goldman: things moved in a flaming hurry since yesterday. If Dave Kelly's cool with a settlement, I don't see why I should chase this tangent further, but I'd like to point out a few issues, starting with this passage:
He said one of the artists working for his company brought the image to him.

"I made a judgment error and didn't research the background of this particular submission," Goldman said. "My intention was not to copy Mr. Kelly."

Which is fine, fine, fine, except that he hung this on a gallery wall and signed his name to it, which speaks ill of either Mr. "Goliath" Goldman or the art establishment in general...and hey, why not both? Assuming his story isn't just a dodge, he should've been more diligent, but regardless, he's being called "the Eric Bauman of t-shirts" on message boards, which isn't a compliment.

There's also the question of the monumentally stupid auto-reply email "someone at the company" (wink wink) sent to curious people that accused Kelly of being a pedophile in the most colorful language, which is something else again. He even threw in a dandy comparison to Jeffrey Dahmer. Way to stay classy, Todd.

Having unloaded all that, I'm not in David and Goliath's target market of mall kids that like to wear cartoons, so nothing I say will shake up his bottom line. But pretending for a moment that you're actually reading this (and this advice comes with the standard "what do I know, I don' t even have a degree" disclaimer), a little bit more oversight is called for if you want to keep your brand in national chains, as opposed to selling them at flea markets with the bootleg Calvin-pissing-on-the-Ford-logo decals. They're going to be watching you that much closer, so don't be a jerk. Calling out jerks is the national sport in Internetland. That and World of Warcraft.

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