Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Todd Goldman Is A Tool

Memo to the jeen-yuss behind the image on the right (the one in color): "Creativity" does not equal "tracing over another artist's work, signing it as your own, and putting it in your gallery show". This rule ranks higher on the artistic karma ladder than "It's not a style if you can't prove that you can draw any other way." And before you call in the most obvious defense, you're not Roy Lichtenstein. You're a hack who makes crappy t-shirts.

If this was the only example of his "borrowing", our special friend of the moment would still be a douche, but Mr. Goldman is a serial offender, which makes him Todd, the Duke of Doucheington.

This story should be fascinating to follow. Remember, just because it's on the Internet doesn't mean it's not copyrighted. On the American plan, everything published since at least 1978 is automatically protected unless you specifically tell people it isn't. You could look it up. I suggest you do.

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