Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ban People

Paul Craig Roberts has an interesting article at Lewrockwell about guns and society.

It is called "Ban People – They Kill". My favorite snippet is:

"In my day, parents and teachers had authority. Today teachers have no authority, which is why they have to call the police to control the kids. Child Protective Service has stripped parents of authority. Children are taught at school to call CPS if they are spanked by parents. Apparently, teachers cannot recognize the decline of their own authority in the decline of parental authority. "

I really think this society as a whole has gone down the crapper. Instead of dealing with kids, everyone wants to medicate little Johnny and Mary. I just wonder about the effects of medication on children. Could the dirtbag who did this horrific crime have been on one of plethora of medications that the educational establishment love to have prescribed for unruly children? What the hell ever happened to this country?


I'm fine for now.

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