Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Manifesto

OK, it's been a while since I wrote for this here blog. Can't have Eric getting all the glory now can we. The election is over. No one has a mandate except for one or two small items.

First, it was a referendum on Iraq. Anyone with a half a brain understands that the shia's, the sunni's and the kurds ain't getting along. So that means we get out as quickly as possible and turn over the controls to you guessed it, those who are now the elected officials of that country. We can forget about having permanent bases and all that stuff. It isn't worth it. Remember, the current administration didn't serve in Vietnam. Colin Powell did, but when he realized that he had been had, he split. Alot of current and former military leaders are saying that this has been a mistake. Rumsfeld resigned. Thats a good first step. Now it is time for the Vice President to resign. Or he can fall under item two.

Item two. It is time to start talking about impeaching the president and the vice-president. Time to face some facts, they lied and manipulated intelligence to further their desire for regime change in Iraq. Check out the Office of Special Plans. Check out PNAC. PNAC wanted this well before they even got into office. Anyone who checked out Ahmed Chalabi's background knew he couldn't be trusted to provide intelligence on Iraq. But our own government paid him alot for information on weapons of mass destruction. And guess what, have we found any WMD's? NO. Now comes the hard part. Impeachment is a ugly process. But I fear that if we don't, the rest of the world is going to view the US as war criminals. We have already given ourselves a black eye for our go it alone approach. And if your politician doesn't want to impeach the president, we still have one thing we can do. Start a recall effort. If that means every member of congress and the senate has to run again. So be it. We own this country, they work for us. Do not become complacent and think this can't be done. Gray Davis was recalled. He was a govenor. A congress critter has to be much easier. Senators are going to be a pain in the ass. Get rid of the war enablers.

Now we come to what I think this election was really about. It was a bit of populism. Ain't you sick and tired of all the scandals. Abramoff bribing folks. Duke Cunningham. Foley. Ney. Delay. All these folks are getting caught either bribing someone or taking a bribe for a vote. We have real serious problems in this country. They won't get fixed untill we fix the reason these occur in the first place. And we have been lax in our being vigilant. My solutions are below.

1) No more Political Action Committee money. Corporations are not people, neither are not for profits (or NGO's for that matter). I don't give a shit what the supreme court ruled back in the 1800's. Corporations may have the rights of an individual except for one. They are not a person. They cannot vote. So why let them donate money to your elected official? Deny the corporations the right to donate to your politician. if we don't, then the corporations will continue to give money to candidates that will give them what they want. At your expense. And they get to give at 5 grand every congressional cycle. You only get to give a grand.

2) No outside of state funds (except for President). None whatsoever. From dogcatcher to senator. People should be elected on the merits of their ability. Not on who raises the most money. You want to run in Texas, get texans money. The only office one should be able to donate to outside of their state is president. And that means a CEO should be able to donate the same as you or me. A Grand every two years. Thats a congressional election cycle to the nOOb. And I think we should have automatic disqualification for those who accept and use outside money.

3) Equal ballot access. The Democrats and the Republicans have written the rules to get on the ballot to favor, yeah you guessed it, THEM. If they only have to pay a fee, everyone else has to jump through hurdles. Why shouldn't the rest of the parties out there have it as easy? I'm a paleoconservative and I think it's a crock that the other parties are kept at the fringes through ballot access. The reason they don't want to give you a choice is because they are afraid that they will lose their hold on power. And they should be afraid. Alot of democrats and republicans voted for the debacle in Iraq.

These are 3 first good steps. More are sure to follow. I have to go drink alot and forget I was mad about this.

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