Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Showcase Slowdown

One of my silent partners just dropped a bombshell in my lap, and of course, I was running a log. And you are there:

DRUMMAJORMAN: so guys, Bob Barker is retiring next year :(
EasyEW: Who takes over?
DRUMMAJORMAN: Does it matter?
SonnyChiba: One of his many illegitimate sons?
EasyEW: He is the last game show standing
EasyEW: Unless the daytime version of Deal or No Deal takes off
SonnyChiba: And he even found time to whip Sandler's ass
DRUMMAJORMAN: There's only one way the Price Is Right can end
SonnyChiba: Him whipping Sandler's ass again?
DRUMMAJORMAN: there has to be a prize like a Cadillac made out of gold
DRUMMAJORMAN: and some senile old fat woman gets on stage
DRUMMAJORMAN: and all she has to do to win is write the word "CAR"
DRUMMAJORMAN: and she'll panic and take 10 minutes to do it while the audience throws things
DRUMMAJORMAN: I still love the picture of Trent Reznor in the front row of TPIR with his grandfather
SonnyChiba: hahaha
SonnyChiba: how old is the picture?
DRUMMAJORMAN: 90's sometime
DRUMMAJORMAN: you can tell it's him
SonnyChiba: oh man
SonnyChiba: that makes it even better
DRUMMAJORMAN: but he's wearing normal clothes and has a big goofy grin on his face
SonnyChiba: hahaha
EasyEW: Dear god, he's *83*?
SonnyChiba: and yet, he could probably still whip Sandler's ass

I know that Trent Reznor pic was crying out for the YTMND treatment, but why Yakkety Sax?

But enough of that viral video nonsense, I say. Here's to Bob Barker's magnificent career. And to him kicking Adam Sandler's ass.

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