Friday, October 06, 2006


If you missed Freak Show last Wednesday on Comedy Central, I'm going to save you a lot of trouble: Freak Show sucks balls. The big, hairy, smelly balls of the guy at your gym that you never see shower after workouts, so he probably carries the funk of a week's worth of crotch sweat.

I never said this would be pretty.

The program depicts the members of a family-owned freak show, the members of which lead a double life as superpowered government operatives known as the Freak Squad. They're invariably chosen to do the crap jobs the "real" heroes are too good to touch. It's bad enough that the cartoon is barely animated and unappealingly designed, but it commits the most unforgivable sin for a comedy show: it simply isn't funny. Some of us suspect that it's intentionally awful to make the atrocious Mind of Mencia seem almost entertaining by contrast. Either way, with its random "zany" incidents, it seems like Comedy Central is trying to steal a page from the Adult Swim playbook--the old AS playbook, before Venture Brothers upped the ante across the board. And anybody who has known me long enough knows that I use the word "zany" as the comedy equivalent of "child molester". Or "running kittens over with a minibike".

Don't watch this show. Ever. If you do, I refuse to pity you and will find you and mock you in the depths of your pain. And yes, Freak Show sucks worse than Tom Goes To The Mayor, but TGTTM still SUCKS.

(Footnote: in my ongoing series "Fun With The Spellchecker", Blogger wanted to replace "Mencia" with "menace". It's funny because it's true.)

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