Sunday, August 13, 2006

Let's Just Rub Their Noses In It Some More

So, do you want to see if your AOL search got broadcast to clued-in geeks by the leak? Or do you just want to make sick fun of anonymous strangers? (ohohohME SIR ME SIR) It's all here in easy to search form, chum. Or you can have a professional make the jokes for you. Either way, it's proof that Internet people think they have more privacy than they do.

(Edit @ 6pm: Another search tool, AOL Naked, gives you clickable keywords in the results themselves, which is a nifty trick. Get those advanced search options going and you've got my vote, Naked Guy. It's a testament to the wigged out supply-and-demand cycle of the Internet that we have dueling links on this type of thing barely a week after the initial file came out. Anyone else on the market?)