Sunday, July 30, 2006

Matt's Introduction

Great. Another blog.

However, we're going to do things a little differently than most.

First, we harbor no illusions at all about ourselves. This isn't important, it's not going to ignite a social and/or intellectual revolution, we're not out to rock your fragile minds. It is what it is; a collection of guys typing whatever crosses our minds and slapping it up on the break-room bulletin board. Any appearance of self-importance on this site is purely accidental or ironic. You can figure out which.

As a rule, I don't have much use for "pop culture". Of course I watch my fair share of TV, listen to my music and watch my DVDs. The main thing that my diverse tastes have in common is that I generally don't enjoy things because it's hot or cool or wicked or whatever the hell kids say these days. It's because I try to appreciate things for what they are instead of what they're marketed to be. Just between Eric and myself, you'll find fans of the obscure (ska music, and yes it DID exist before 1997), the outdated (old time radio), and the charmingly futile (Pittsburgh Pirates).

I'm an individual with my own defined set of tastes. And deep down, dear reader... so are you. Don't hide it, celebrate it. It really is okay to dislike Top 40 radio, or to enjoy reading 18th century poetry. (Pansy.) It's fine to poke a little fun at the shallow platitudes and entertainments we're bombarded with daily. It's acceptable to watch CNN for an hour and say to yourself "Hey, I didn't really learn a single damn thing I didn't already know! That was 40 minutes of rich people arguing with each other and 20 minutes of commercials!" It's even okay to get just a little pissed off sometimes over the whole mess.

We're going to share whatever viewpoints we have here pretty much just for the hell of it. Agree, disagree, point and laugh (either in agreement or derision)... it's up to you. I'll be having some fun along the way and hopefully you will, too.

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Eric said...


You mean we're NOT going to rock their fragile little minds?